Hotelbeds completes platform integration

Hotelbeds completes platform integration

DENPASAR, Bali, 1 November 2019: Following the acquisitions of GTA and Tourico Holidays in 2017, Hotelbeds says it has successfully integrated three platforms into one to become the biggest B2B player in the bed bank business.

The company now operates a single platform following an integration process that merged GTA and Tourico Holidays and the booking engine Bedsonline. The migration involved 50,000 hotel contracts, 3,000 API clients and 35,000 agencies that are now optimizing their business under the Hotelbeds brand.

“The integration process is over, and we are now shifting our focus on our partners and our customers,” said Hotelbeds wholesale sales director APAC, Hui-Wan Chua during the group’s MarketHub event in Bali last week.

“Our purpose is really to be able to empower choices for partners and travellers.  To our hotel suppliers, it means that we’re able to offer valued customers that would be otherwise expensive to reach.

“And for clients, a wide choice in our portfolio is what they are looking for to offer bookings anywhere anytime with whomever they want to.”

Hotelbeds now handles around 35,000 bookings daily with best-in-class technology. The company has 180,000 hotels in its portfolio and aims to grow by an additional 10,000 hotels annually.

It offers a One Mapping Tool that helps clients to optimize their business through products that that added into the Hotelbeds’ portfolio.

“Today, connectivity becomes the commonality, and everyone is connected to everyone else, she said. “ Hotelbeds needs to understand each client and their business model to be able to set up the correct credential to ensure that the products are moving in the right channel.

“For the bed bank business, the biggest challenge is how to control rates. Many hotels want to know that they can be confident when they give Hotelbeds the rate that it will be able to push that rate through the right channel.”

According to Hotelbeds, there are four key levers that the company suggests business partners adopt.

  • Consolidation allows clients to reach higher margins through improved commercial terms.
  • Exclusive campaign rates that will uplift sales during a campaign’s period.
  • Tailored contracting that allows clients to leverage from its 1,000 contractors and find the right efficiencies for their business. Leverage
  • Hotelbeds’ Guarantee and Deposit products.

“We’re only years old, but what we have a strong legacy that has its foundation in three businesses that offer unparallel experience. Being the biggest is one strategy, but leveraging the position to enable our business partner to optimize and grow the business is a priority.”