Thailand top spot for Hotelbeds

Thailand top spot for Hotelbeds

BANGKOK, 7 November 2019: During its MarketHub event, Hotelbeds announced that it now connects 40,000 hotels in Asia-Pacific with its worldwide B2B sales channels.

TTR Weekly talked to Hotelbeds’ APAC sourcing director, Miguel Anaya, about the portfolio and hotel partners in Thailand on the sidelines of the recent MarketHub event hosted in Bali.

Q: Just how big is your hotel supply in Thailand?

A: In Thailand, we have more or less 2,500 hotels covering most of the key destinations, including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Samui, and Chiang Mai.

If you look at hotels that are contracted directly with Hotelbeds across the Asia-Pacific, we have more or less 10,000 hotels in the region, so 25% is in Thailand of all the hotels contracted directly. Thailand is a key market, not only for the huge hotel numbers but also we have almost 50 people based in Thailand now.

Q: In terms of market cover, what are the main hotel categories Hotelbeds are offering in Thailand?

A: If you look at the coverage in Bangkok, for example, we have 750 to 800 hotels, with very good coverage, including five-star to three-star hotels.

More or less, 40% of the hotels in our portfolio are international chains, 60% are local hotels, and by saying local hotels – it includes major brand chains that are born and bred in Thailand.

Q: Based on booking data via Hotelbeds, what are the top international source markets in Thailand?

A: China is one of the top source markets. UK and Germany are in the top long-haul markets for Thailand. We also have Singapore and Japan in the top five markets. Meanwhile, Australia, with the main bookings going to Phuket, is the sixth top market for Thailand.

Q: What is your strategy for expanding your hotel portfolio in Thailand?

A: The most important thing for us is to focus on quality more than quantity. We are working with every single hotel, and we focus on the contracts, the rates, and the relationship which we have with the hotel more than just the focus on the number of hotels in our portfolio.


Miguel Anaya – Hotelbeds’ APAC Sourcing Director.

Q: From your experience working with hoteliers in Thailand, what are their expectations?

A: We have been established in Thailand for around 20 years now. Hoteliers are looking for a reliable partner that can guarantee the flow of business. Looking at our partnership with hoteliers in Thailand, for example, this year, the demand has been decreasing a little bit especially from the China market, so we help hoteliers to fill the gap that they have with different clients from Australia, UK, and the German markets. We are offering Thai hotels alternative source markets.

Q: What are the opportunities to develop your business in Thailand?

A: Thailand is our leading destination, and we have invested more than in other destinations in the region. Looking at Bangkok, for example, the city is one of the most visited destinations worldwide.


So, Thailand remains the key destination for us, and we also have one of the strongest teams on the ground serving 2,500 hotels. So, looking at the ratio, by hotel numbers, it is quite high, and we will continue to promote Thailand as a destination.